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    In the Mid 1990's, Mel Parry, a retired Warrant Officer QGM, and a veteran of the well known 22nd Special Air Service Regiment (British SAS) saw the requirement for a new generation of of professional blades that could replace the legacy of survival tools that had been standard equipment through the decades. Mel Parry knew that these professionals deserved something better. Collaborating with both service members and retirees from elite special forces throughout the world, he began to design what would be recognized as a breakthrough in both functionality and quality of manufacture. This breakthrough took the form of the Parry Blade in 1995.

    Unfortunately due to various commercial considerations the production of the Parry Knife did not proceed after 1995 as planned, and therefore a period of some 13 years has elapsed since the current model, incorporating a number of improvements over its predecessor was re-introduced in 2009. The knife is hand crafted in Sheffield, England by Samuel Staniforth a cutlery maker since 1864 and acknowledged as producing the finest knives available, being part of an industry that was first established over 700 years ago. The knife is fairly simple in design with a bellied Bolo/Bowie type clipped blade with a serrated back edge, and finished in a black Dupont Teflon coating. However, on closer examination the knife offers several different cutting edges and holds, making it extremely versatile.

    The knife is strong and heavy, with a blade 9 inches long made from 3/16inch (4.5mm) thick X460Cr13 420 stainless steel. The main cutting edge is bevel-ground for strength, whilst the deep belly shape takes the weight forward, in the manner of a Khukri, giving the knife a powerful chopping stroke. The point looks clipped in shape but is ground to provide a spear point that accentuates its use for prying /levering and digging. Also near the choil is a hollow-ground section which is honed to razor sharpness for fine cutting and whittling, ideal for making fire sticks The serrated edge on the spine of the blade provides for a sawing action capable of cutting rope, webbing or gristle. The knife is of a full tang construction, with black linen micarta screwed to the tang providing for ease of replacement, resulting from either wear, damage or the choice of an alternative grip to be fitted.

    Also in order to extend the survival attributes of the knife it has been found that by wrapping paracord around the handle, this provides some 2m of cord for use in either a survival situation or correspondingly as a means of restraint for when the role is reversed to one of combat.

    Survival Cache Tested and Approved!!!

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    The Parry Blade – The Definitive Working Knife

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    The Parry Blade
    Length overall:
    13.75 inches (34.9cm)
    Blade length:
    8.75 inches (22.2cm)
    Blade thickness:
    7/32 inches (5mm)
    Blade material:
    X460 Cr13 420 stainless steel coated black Dupont Teflon
    Rockwell 57-58Rc
    Blade shape:
    Bolo/Bowie- type with serrated back edge
    Main edge bevel-ground; hollow ground section near Choil for extra sharpness Point is clipped in shape and ground to a spear point

    Grip: Contoured Micarta scales with leather underlay. Contoured double guard and butt, the butt squared off for use as a hammer.

    Construction: Scales screwed to full tang.
    Cordura - Coyote Brown

    Sharpening stone not included.