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Lindon Farms Stackable Emergency Food Storage System (1-Person 1-Year 4,320 Servings)

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Manufacturer : Lindon Farms
$3,250.00 $3,900.00

Lindon Farms Stackable Emergency Food Storage System (1-Person 1-Year 4,320 Servings) has the largest variety in the industry with 17 different just-add-water entrees. And with a full 2,000 calories/day for 365 days, Lindon farms can be your stand-alone food storage solution. Our goal is to make food storage easy, so every home can be prepared for a disaster, economic difficulty and even that last minute camping trip. With Lindon Farms, you're just one step away from checking emergency food storage off of your to-do list.

  • Up to 25-year shelf life
  • All food is ready-made, just-add-water meals
  • 4,320 full servings = three (3) meals/day with four (4) servings/meal for one year (2000 calories/day)
  • Seventeen (17) different entrees to choose from
  • Three (3) choices of beverage
  • No high fructose corn-syrup
  • No added MSG
  • Easy to open zip-seal 'metalite' pouches
  • Oxygen absorber in every pouch to ensure fresh taste
  • Comes in an eight (8) gallon rugged and stackable 'EZ store container
  • Bucket is easily transportable with convenient handle 

Breakfast variety:
Natural granola, Apple Blueberry Granola, Oatmeal, Cinnamon Rice Pudding, Freeze Dried Fruit Mix

Lunch/dinner variety:
Instant Potatoes, Polenta (Corn Grits), Cheddar Cheese Pasta, Western Chili, Hearty Potato Soup, Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew, Cheddar Broccoli Soup, Seasoned Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Flavored Vegetable Stew, Red Beans and Rice, Mixed Vegetables

Drinks/dessert variety:
Regular Whey Milk, Chocolate Whey Milk, Citrus Drink, Chocolate Pudding Dessert


Lindon Farms uses a combination of freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients. In some cases freeze-dried is ideal, and for other items, dehydration is most appropriate. For example, a freeze-dried strawberry is convenient since rehydration is unnecessary and it can be consumed easily in cereal or as a snack. Another example would be freeze-dried lasagna with meat where it is frozen, dried and packaged for easy rehydration. In soups and other mixes where the ingredients will be rehydrated in warm or boiling water, dehydrated ingredients are best. When space is a concern, dehydrated ingredients can take up less than a 1/3 of the space that freeze-dried ingredients do.

The most important factors in long-term shelf life foods are:

  • Ingredients - Are the ingredients suitable for long-term shelf life? a. For example: even in ideal storage conditions studies show almonds may only keep for 12-24 months before they turn rancid.
  • Moisture-free - Is the product moisture free when packaged?
  • Packaging - Packaging plays a crucial role in prolonging shelf life. Ideally packaging should provide an effective barrier against oxygen, moisture, light and insects.
  • Oxygen-free - Is the product packaged with an appropriately sized oxygen absorber? While appropriate for oxygen displacement in most packaged foods you would find at the grocery store, a nitrogen flush is not sufficient for long-term shelf life. An appropriately sized oxygen absorber will continue to remove oxygen for years if used properly. Be wary of companies with extensive shelf-life claims where oxygen absorbers are not used.
  • Storage conditions - A cool, dry location is ideal. Do your best to store your food storage items at or below room temperature.
Note: This information is relatively conservative and meant to be used as a guideline, but is in no way a guarantee. *Moisture Free – dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients can reach 97%+ moisture free status.

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