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Lindon Farms Freeze-Dried Fruits (300 Servings)

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Manufacturer : Lindon Farms
$250.00 $300.00

Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Fruits are second to none in quality, freshness, and taste. Shelf life up to 25 years sealed and stored in a cool, dry environment. Shelf life up to 6 months for opened pouches. Freeze drying is the process of freezing water out of a food product then rapidly turning it into a gas, omitting the liquid stage. Most fruit and vegetables are made out of 80% to 90% water, making freeze drying the ultimate light weight option. Once the freeze drying process is completed, the water, (up to 90% of a product like strawberries), is effectively removed thus making the product drastically lighter but maintaining most of its original shape, color, flavor, nutrients, and maximizing shelf life. Freeze Dried products have a quick re-hydration times normally only about five minutes.


  • Sliced Strawberries | 56 Servings
  • Sliced Bananas | 40 Servings
  • Sliced Peaches | 52 Servings
  • Diced Apples | 52 Servings
  • Whole Raspberries | 56 Servings
  • Whole Blueberries | 44 Servings

Note: Each mylarfoil pouch is sealed with an oxygen absorber inside to increase shelf-life and retain freshness.

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