MonoVault Master Cacher 107 Kit – Forge Survival Supply

MonoVault Master Cacher 107 Kit

Product Info
Manufacturer : PolyFarm

Great for cash, jewelry, and copies of those important documents! Your own private safe deposit box in your backyard. If the house burns you'll have copies of those important docs, some emergency cash, or even your emergency protection. Will fit one or two standard 5" semi-auto handguns or multiple smaller handguns.

Made in the USA

  • gun storage
  • gun burial
  • preparedness supplies
  • emergency caching (bug out location)
  • gun transportation and travel
  • boating
  • burying money, coins
  • hiding documents, valuables
  • ammunition
  • geocaching
  • (1) MonoVault 107 (black burial vault)
  • (1) 40g Desiccant (moisture-absorbent canister)
  • (1) Humidity Indicator (10-60% vault humidity level)
  • (2) Zerust Bag, 6" x 8" (4-mil, zipper; fits pocket guns/parts)
  • (1) Zerust Bag, 9" x 12" (4-mil, zipper; fits full-size hand guns)
  • (1) Zerust Bag, 12" x 18" (4-mil, zipper; fits large hand guns)
  • (1) Z-Corr Pistol Bag, 11" x 15" (poly, foil / velcro; fits large hand guns)

    MonoVault 107
    MonoVaults are constructed of polyethylene with a thick 1/4" wall thickness. All MonoVaults are equipped with a threaded and gasket wide mouth lid to protect the contents from the elements. A Burial Shield (included) fits over the lid assembly to protect it from physical damage. The Burial Shield can be secured in place with the optional Lock Strap which accommodates standard padlocks with up to a 1/4" shackle. In burial applications, the Burial Shield directs moisture away from the gasket lid, keeps the lid area clean, protects the lid from soils and foot traffic, and protects the lid from excavation damage in recovery. Interior dimensions:  9.75″ diameter x 4.5″ deep.

    40g Desiccant
    Like a sponge soaks up water, desiccants absorb moisture from the air. We favor silica gel desiccants, as they work and are not corrosive. Use them, recharge them at home, and use them again, and again, and again. Dehumidifier has built-in indicators to tell you if they need to be recharged.

    Humidity Indicator
    10-60% indicator dots. Dots turn pink to display humidity level. Reusable. Use along with desiccant packs. All purpose.

    Zerust Bags by Protecht
    Place your clean, cooled weapon into a bag and close it. An odorless, colorless vapor will then release into the air around your firearm, protecting it from rust for up to five (5) years.

    Protecht's patented technology is non-toxic and safe to use on any weapon or firearm. They don't leave any residue on metal or wood, and won’t harm stocks, grips, optics, ammunition or any metal finishes. Once an item is taken out of storage, the anti-rust molecules will simply dissipate into the air. Clean it. Bag it. Done! Uses VCI technology (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors). Gives up to five (5) years of protection.

    Z-Corr Pistol Bag
    A VCI poly bag within a foil barrier bag with a handy Velcro closure. Rated for five years in normal use with occasional opening. Unopened bags consistently maintain their protective qualities for up to 20 years. 11" x 15" (Interior:  9.5" x 13.5").

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