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TacXtract X Tactical Body Armor

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Manufacturer : tacXtract
$124.99 $134.99

The tacXtract is a device that is compatible with the plate carrier worn by the modern day warfighter or law enforcement officer. The low profile, lightweight, and durable unit is easily deployed by either a single rescuer or a team. The tacXtract provides the rescuer with ample clearance, (up to 10ft) mitigating exposure to hostile enemy threats. The integrated head support elevates the victim’s head, provides easy access to facial trauma, and prevents further injury. The tacXtract also offers a two-point connection to the belt, which provides spinal stability and more control when hoisting and lowering casualties. Without sacrificing comfort and easy on/off access, the tacXtract is easily adjustable to each individual. Made in the USA.


• Mil Spec W-17337 webbing w/ 12001bs break strength
• Raptor* Buckles - w/ 20001bs break strength
• Built-in head restraint made from High Abrasion Neoprene with Kevlar® (Water and UV Resistant)
• Light weight I Compact design - 12 oz. 10" x 1.75" diameter
• Compatible with all MOLLE attachment systems
• tacXtract X - Utilizes a single Raptor buckle (1,000 lbs.)
Made in the USA

Additional Information

• Force Multiplier
• Mitigates risks to forces
• Enables standoff between casualty and rescue team
• Requires minimal effort to employ by troops in contact
• Stabilizes Head, Neck, and Spinal injuries
• Allows effective control when lowering and hoisting victims, both horizontally and vertically
• Reduces fatigue on soldiers during casualty extraction
• Provides easy access to casualties injuries
• Easy/Convenient Storage

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