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TacMed ARK Active Shooter Response Kit (Black)

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Manufacturer : Tactical Medical
$699.95 $708.95

The TacMed™ ARK™ Active Shooter Response Kit provides individuals responding to active shooter situations with the equipment necessary to render aid and initiate evacuation of multiple casualties. The design of the bag and its contents allow responders to maximize the resources available on scene and does not hinder or slow down the assault or clearing process of the structure or incident area.

The contents of the ARK™ are designed to reduce the size of the required rescue force and significantly reduce the evacuation time of seriously injured casualties. By utilizing uninjured individuals on scene to provide stopgap treatment and mark casualty locations, rescue time can be greatly reduced and survivability rates can be increased. The ARK™ Casualty Throw Kits contain basic treatment material and simple bi-lingual instructions for providing initial treatment. By controlling life threatening hemorrhage and positioning the casualty in a manner that maintains the airway significant time can be gained in the rescue effort.

With multiple storage compartments, the ARK™ is not only for basic treatment. Medics moving with the clearing element can distribute the throw kits as needed while maintaining more advanced equipment in the side pockets for treatment of teammates if necessary.

Dimensions: 23”L x 15” W x 7.5”D


  • (2) SOF® Tactical Tourniquet-W
  • (2) OLAES® 4” Bandage
  • (2) OLAES® 6” Bandage
  • (1) Blast™ Bandage
  • (7) Cravat
  • (2) Splint
  • (2) 28F NPA w/ Lube
  • (1) TacMed™ Surgical Airway Kit w/ Hook
  • (2) 14GA x 3.25” Angiocath
  • (2) Halo Chest Seals (4 seals)
  • (2) Petrolatum Gauze
  • (2) 2” Surgical Tape
  • (1) Trauma Shears 7.5”
  • (5 pairs)  NItrile Gloves
  • (1) Helios® System w/ Active Warming
  • (5) Tac Med Solutions™ Combat Casualty Tag
  • (7) ARK™ Casualty Throw Kits, each containing the following:
    • (1) SOF Tactical Tourniquet-NH
    • (1) Control Wrap 4”
    • (1) Krinkle Gauze
    • (1) Emergency Blanket
    • (1) Bi-lingual Instruction Card
    • (1) Casualty Marker Panel

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