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Crovel Extreme III Survival Tool All-In-One Shovel / Hammer / Axe / Crowbar / Saw

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Manufacturer : Forge Survival Supply
$199.95 $249.95

The Crovel Extreme lll eliminates the need for several survival tools (Crowbar, Shovel, Hammer, Saw, Axe, Bottle Opener) eliminating extra weight and increasing versatility. The new Crovel Extreme III is 100% American made and is lighter, stronger than previous versions and now includes the hammerhead.

  • The Head: The new 4140 Chromoly Alloy shovel head gives the Crovel Extreme lll a hybrid tactical edge. Precision sharpened edges, Saw tooth edge and Bottle Opener.
  • The Edge: The strength and sharpness of the shovel edge gives you the ultimate cutting, chopping, sawing surface that will keep its edge even if you lose yours.
  • The Handle: The Crovel Extreme lll boasts a 14 inch hollow steel handle that allows storage of key survival items such as: a fire stick, fishing hooks and line, water purification tablets, snare wire, flashlight, knife (fillers/accessories not included), while maintaining its heavy duty handle integrity.
  • The Hammerhead (New): The Crovel Extreme lll's hammerhead will be a new T-Handle on the end.
  • The Posi-Lock system (New): Locks the shovel head in a 45- and 90-degree, open position and closed position.
  • The Claw: The Crovel Extreme lll crowbar has a nail pulling claw.
  • Extras: 550 paracord is wrapped on the handle to add grip strength and to give you 15 ft. of life saving material that can be use in thousands of different ways.
  • Handmade: Made in the United States of America

Improper use can cause personal injury. Please use shovel and all accessories for their intended purposes.

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