Crovel Z Spike Accessory – Forge Survival Supply

Crovel Z Spike Accessory

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Manufacturer : Forge Survival Supply
$34.95 $39.95

The Z Spike accessory the Crovel Extreme III and Crovel Tactical can be used for a number of survival applications.

Instructions for Z Spike:

  • To attach the Z Spike accessory for the Crovel Extreme III or Crovel Tactical use a screwdriver or coin (quarter) to unscrew plug out of hammerhead end of Crovel.
  • Rotate screw plug counter clockwise until large screw-plug has come off.
  • Attach Z Spike by rotating threaded end of spike into the threaded end of the hammerhead in a clockwise motion.
Z Spike uses:
  • Break Ice
  • Split wood/ breach walls
  • Chip rocks/ cement

Warning: Improper usage can cause personal injury. Please use Crovel and all accessories for their intended purposes.

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