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Escape & Evasion Gun Belt (Black)

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Manufacturer : Spy, Escape & Evasion
$99.00 $169.00

As seen on TV's Shark Tank!

Each belt is custom made for you. Each E & E belt is handcrafted in the mountains of Cedar City, UT. The belts are made with English harness leather and are 1.5 inches thick, which will fit most pant loops easily. English harness leather is some of the finest and most durable leather and is often used in horse saddles. The belts are stitched together using polyester thread instead of cotton or nylon thread. The reason we use polyester thread is because it’s water resistant. If you happen to sweat during the hot summer months the integrity of the belt will not be affected. (Polyester thread is so durable it’s used in the sails of sailing yachts.)

In addition to polyester thread, we use metal rivets to secure the belt buckle in place. This makes the belt so strong you could even use it to tow a vehicle. The hidden storage areas on the inside of the belt are made using YKK zippers. These are incredibly strong zippers, not cheap Chinese-made zippers.

The belt buckle is made of solid brass and is nickel plated. The belt buckle is so strong it easily breaks a car window. We finish the edges of the belt by burnishing the leather with beeswax. When you burnish the edges with beeswax it seals them so they won't fray and so sweat doesn’t distort the shape of the belt. We use 100% pure beeswax and we get it from a small farm in Colorado.

*Note: Your belt size is not based on your pant size. To measure your belt size, grab any belt your normally use and measure from the end of the buckle to the hole you use on that particular belt. It normally is 3 to 4 inches bigger than your pant size. For example, I wear a 33 or 34" waist pant size. My belt size is 38 so I would wear a medium Gun Belt.

Here are the quick steps:
1. Measure your current belt from the tip of the buckle to the hole you are currently using in inches.
2. Reference that number the corresponding list below. Note: If you are in between sizes, error on the side of big (go up a size).

31-33 = XS
34-36 = S
37-39 = M
40-42 = L
43-45 = XL
46-48 = XXL

Q. How do I know what size of belt to order?
A. It’s very easy to measure your belt size. We made a 35 second video on how to measure your size. You can watch it right here.

Q. What if I order the wrong belt size?
A. We know mistakes happen. We don’t charge any “re-stocking fees” or any fees at all if you order the wrong size. Simply send the belt back to us and we’ll make a new belt for you in the correct size.

Q. What is the warranty on the Escape & Evasion Gun Belt?
A. The belt is Guaranteed for Life. If anything happens to your belt just let us know and we’ll send you a brand new one for free.

Q. How are the belts made?
A. We created a video showing you how your belt is handcrafted. To watch the video, click here.

Q. Are the two $20 included?
A. No.

This belt is also available in brown.

Thickness - 1.5 inches

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