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About Us


In an era of uncertainty, Forge Survival Supply sells more than just emergency supplies. We provide you and your family with peace of mind. Being prepared and stocked for the future is like a last-resort insurance policy. When things start to get a bit weary, Forge will be there for you so that you can weather out the elements.

This is the most appropriate analogy: Forge Survival Supply is like an insurance carrier. In many ways, we are the best insurance carrier. We don't deny claims, and we certainly won’t be there during a cataclysmic event to argue if you can or can’t use the dried food supplies you purchased. Wholeheartedly, we hope our customers are never forced to use our life-saving products. We realize however, that life can be unpredictable. With this thinking in mind, we offer only the finest products. 

The next time you see tragedy on the news, ask yourself, “What is my family’s plan?”. If you don’t have one, let us help you. When you’ve planned with
Forge Survival Supply, you’ll breathe a little easier knowing you have peace of mind.



At Forge, we have a cumulative of more than 60 plus years of experience working in the

USMC Veteran Owned BusinessUnited States military, in corporate and private security, and in other related fields to bring you a unique knowledge base. Forge Survival Supply is comprised of seasoned, experienced, highly knowledgeable individuals in a multitude of skill sets. Our team includes people with expertise in survival training in multiple harsh environments, self defense, lethal and non-lethal weapons, logistics, communications, medical, transportation, tactical operations, and personal and physical security. If we don’t have an answer, we have an extensive network of experts we can reach out to and get results. We are confident in our abilities to meet your challenges.



If you feel overwhelmed, or you are not sure how to begin your self-sufficiency preparation planning, our team is here to help. The Forge Survival Supply team can provide guidance, or conduct an assessment, in order to help advise and address your concerns based on your location; your environment, climate and weather; potential external threats, and determine resources available in your area. We can provide you with the basics for your initial plan, and/or then help you to evolve to advance planning as you reach your survival initial preparation goals. We are here to assist you to be successful in dealing with and surviving through whatever crisis or threats comes your way. Your success is our success.



The Forge Survival Supply advantage is we can make custom recommendations on a wide range of equipment and gear which will allow you to survive and thrive in all weather conditions, environments. Based on your planning and situational needs, our FSS members can provide suggestions on basic items, or sets and kits, and on the appropriate quantities for short-term to long-term survival.



The Forge Survival Supply team offers training in a variety of survival skills and on the products we sell. We believe that your knowledge and understanding goes a long way toward you being self-sufficient. In a crisis, you are your own “first responder” and self-reliance is a critical aspect to your survival.



Whether you are a novice or an established and experienced prepper, the Forge Survival Supply team is available to assist and advise on a range of issues. We welcome inquires on all topics and will work with clients to provide solutions and capabilities for their unique requirements. Our team can travel to your location for consulting and we guarantee your confidentially and privacy.



One of our main goals when we started this venture was to find quality “Made in the USA” survival products. We think our mix of products represents some of the best gear America has to offer in the way of manufacturing, quality, functionality, durability and price. Not everything we sell is made in America; there are several exceptions in our inventory. There are several products that we could not find made in the USA, and in those cases we only choose from top quality foreign manufacturers. 

Over the last several years, our team has spent, literally, thousands of hours researching all types and manners of survival gear on the Internet. We also have a strong presence at major outdoor, camping, and tactical trade shows to find the newest and best products to help you and your family rise above any crisis or disaster that may occur. Our research includes equipment, gear and kits carried by military conventional forces and special operations forces, as well as government and civilian professionals who spend a majority of their time working in harm's way.

Many times, our bug out bags and sets are designed very similarly to ones used by the military, with the expectation that the warrior may or may not be resupplied, so what they carry on their backs has to be tough enough and reliable enough to sustain them through hell and back. We believe cheap products often gets people injured or killed when conditions are unpredictable and harsh. We provide survival gear that people can trust to safeguard their lives and bring them home.

If you have an idea for a new product that you think we should carry, please drop us an email at support@forgesurvivalsupply.com, or call either (800) 241-5580 or (303) 351-7073.