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Mountain House Freeze-Dried Beef Stroganoff with Noodles #10 Cans (Case of 6)

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Manufacturer : Mountain House
$158.95 $171.95

Enjoy a delicious gourmet entrée anytime with simple preparation. This freeze dried entrée is a delicious combination of tender beef, mushroom bits, and noodles smothered in a rich sour cream sauce. Each can has up to 10 servings with instructions for one serving or for the entire can. Simply add hot water, wait 8-10 minutes, and enjoy your meal. Packaged to store up to 25 years if stored in a cool, dry place, your family can enjoy this entrée now or years from now. Ideal for food storage camping, backpacking, and more! Case of 6.

Ingredients: Stroganoff with Beef:Cooked Beef, Sour Cream (Cultured Cream, Milk, Whey, Sodium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Calcium Sulfate, Locust Bean Gum, and Cultures), Mushrooms, Modified Corn Starch, Corn Oil, Nonfat Dry Milk, Dehydrated Onions, Salt, Hydrolyzed Corn Torula and Brewers Yeast Wheat Gluten Soy Protein, Lemon Juice Concentrate and Lemon Oil, Beef Base (Roasted Beef and Concentrated Beef Stock, Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten, Soy, Corn, and Wheat Protein, Sugar, Dried Whey, Yeast Extract), Flavoring, Molasses, Spice, Garlic Powder, and Soybean Oil. Precooked: Durum Semolina, Whole Eggs, Salt.

Contains: Milk, Wheat, Soy, Egg.

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