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MealSpec MRE Heaters (Pack of 30)

Product Info
Manufacturer : Mealspec
$99.95 $119.95

MealSpec manufactures a state-of-the-art meal heater, that reaches 220° Fahrenheit in 12 seconds. These flameless meal heaters run for 12 minutes and boil water! Try that with any other MRE Heater on the market. Can your MRE Heater hard boil and egg or cook fish fillets? MealSpec heaters can. A superior heater does not exist.

MealSpec MRE Heaters are military grade and exceeds the performance of any other meal heater currently on the market. These heaters are brand new (and not about to expire as often happens in the MRE marketplace). MealSpec products have been used all over the nation for countless applications and are presently utilized by multiple private and government organizations.

  • Weight 2.4 oz (each)
  • Dimensions 12 x 6 x 6 in
  • Activation Time 12 Seconds
  • Total Run Time 12 Minutes
  • Peak Temperature 220 Degrees
  • Average Temperature 180 Degrees
  • Activator Water
  • Activator Amount 5 Ounces Water
  • Boils Water Yes in 12 seconds
  • Package Contains 30 individual MRE Heaters

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