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Parry Blade Raider Survival Knife

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Manufacturer : Samuel Staniforth Ltd
$279.00 $299.95

The Parry Blade Raider is simply the ultimate combat/survival knife - the result of a unique collaboration between Mel Parry and Scorpion Knives.  Mel Parry’s military service spans 32 years, 27 of which were spent with Special Forces and his operational experience formed an integral part of the design and development of this very special blade. Each knife is skillfully hand crafted by Scorpion Knives, making every knife truly extraordinary.

The Parry Blade Raider is a pure combat survival knife designed and developed with efficiency and practicality in mind. A thoroughbred amongst knives, it was borne out of a clear understanding that a knife should be first and foremost a tool.  The knife is strong and heavy, made from high tensile stainless steel hardened to HRC 54-55. The blade is coated in black DuPont Teflon or optionally a grey shot blast finish can be specified. The main edge is bevel-ground for strength. The deep belly shape takes the weight forward giving the knife a powerful chopping stroke. The point is ground as a spear point and is strong enough for digging and prying.  On the top of the blade is a serrated edge for sawing through rope or webbing.

The contoured double guard butt is squared off and file cut for use as a hammer. Checkered and contoured linen Micarta scales screwed to the full tang construction complete this exceptional knife.

The Parry Blade Raider comes complete with a coyote brown-colored, heavy duty Cordura sheath.

Country of origin: United Kingdom
: The Parry Blade Raider
Length overall
: 12.75 inches
Blade material
: X460 Cr13 420 stainless steel coated black Dupont Teflon
: Rockwell 57-58Rc
Blade shape
: Bolo/Bowie-type with serrated back edge
: Main edge bevel-ground; hollow ground section near choil for extra sharpness Point is clipped in shape and ground to a spear point
Grip: Contoured Micarta scales with leather underlay. Contoured double guard and butt, the butt squared off for use as a hammer.
Construction: Scales screwed to full tang.
Sheath: Cordura - Coyote Brown
(Sharpening stone not included).

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