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Country Living Grain Mill

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Manufacturer : Country Living
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The Country Living Grain Mill is a high capacity hand operated mill that can easily be adapted to powered operation because its design incorporates a handle-flywheel which doubles as a v-belt pulley. Construction of the Country Living Grain Mill is strong cast metal alloy with super tough powder coat finish that won't chip or peel from anything short of severe abuse. It's a very nice mill to use and a handsome piece of equipment with clean, functional lines and beautiful raised wheat heads on the side panels.

Engineered for Quality Grinding: The grinding burrs for the Country Living Mill are precision-engineered, made of high carbon steel (not lower-grade iron) and are a massive 5" in diameter. Flour remains cool in the Country Living Mill, so nutrient quality is preserved. The precision fit of the burr faces also means turning effort is unusually easy for a hand operated mill, particularly with the optional handle-length extension. The Country Living Mill produces 1 cup of wheat flour in about 1-1/4 minutes (grinding rate is a little slower if you use the optional Power Bar handle extension.) The grind is infinitely adjustable, so you can crack grain at a loose setting or crank it down and get extremely fine whole grain flour in a single pass. The Country Living Grain Mill is unequaled in its ability to combine moderate turning effort, yet produce very fine flour — or a coarser meal texture, depending on your needs.

Built to Last: The Country Living Grain Mill represents the ultimate in strength and durability, and the fit and finish are outstanding. The handle is hardwood, 7" long, and very comfortable to use. You must bolt the Country Living Grain Mill to a table or large board or use clamps to hold it to a table or counter. (Bolts are not included. Bar clamps with plastic no-mar guards, available at hardware stores, work great.) Grain mill has double sealed industrial ball bearings that are widely spaced to prevent shaft run out and minimize wear. (The shaft and bearing assembly is pictured lower on this page.) Even with regular use, the Country Living Grain Mill will still be providing trouble-free service in your great-grandkids' day.

Easy to Clean: No hand mill is easier to clean than the Country Living Mill. Just spin the large adjustment knob on the nose of the grinder off, and USAthe outer grinding plate slides off for total access to the grinding area of the mill. You can brush the flour off the plates and have them reassembled again in one minute.

Dimensions: The Country Living Grain Mill stands 13.5" tall and measures 12" wide & 10" deep, excluding handle. Weight 17.7 lbs. Flywheel diameter 12-1/4". Hopper capacity is 4.5 cups.

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