Crovel Super Spike Accessory for the All In One Crovel Survival Tool – Forge Survival Supply

Crovel Super Spike Accessory

Product Info
Manufacturer : Forge Survival Supply
$34.95 $39.95

The Crovel Super Spike accessory is for the Crovel Extreme III and the Crovel Tactical.  The revolutionary design allows users to insert either end of the Super Spike into the hollow handle of the Crovel Extreme or the Crovel Tactical. Choose between the rounded / beveled cap-end for smashing, bashing, and crashing or the fiercely angled obelisk shaped Super Spike for poking, prodding, and puncturing!

Super Spike uses:
- Break Ice
- Split wood/ breach walls
- Chip rocks/ cement

WARNING: Improper usage can cause personal injury. Please use Crovel and all accessories for their intended purposes.

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