Crovel Tactical - All In One Survival Tool – Forge Survival Supply

Crovel Tactical Survival Tool All-In-One Shovel / Axe / Saw / Glass Breaker / eTool / Bottle Opener

Product Info
Manufacturer : Forge Survival Supply
$189.95 $199.95

The Crovel Tactical was designed for versatility and ultimate tactical maneuverability and handling in close-quarters situations. Boasting a chromoly steel shovel head, threaded hollow steel tubular handle design, and cross-compatibility with all Crovel product line accessories, this revolutionary survival shovel delivers strength and versatility in a streamlined package. The Crovel Tactical comes stock with the Super Spike!

At only 3 lbs, the Crovel Tactical is the perfect addition to your hiking pack and Bug Out Bag.  Does not include cover.

Crovel Tactical Specs:

  • Chromoly steel shovel head

  • Precision sharpened edges 

  • Saw tooth edge

  • Weighted for throwing

  • Threaded hollow steel tubular handle 

  • 1/4 wall thickness 

  • Solid steel collar welded front and back

  • Bottle opener

  • As strong as its Big Brother the “Crovel Extreme III” 

  • Handle wrapped in 15 feet of 550 Paracord

  • Weight is ONLY..... 3.5 lbs

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