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Heirloom Organics Essential Seed Survival Vault

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Manufacturer : Heirloom Organics
$32.99 $35.00

This Essential Seed kit contains only the highest quality heirloom vegetable seeds. These Seeds are 100% non-GMO, open-pollinated and are specially processed for long term storage. With one low price you can get your garden started and gain some independence over your food supply. Harvest your seeds for the next season and never buy seeds again.

Now you can grow your Essential Garden for bountiful harvest anywhere in the country. Chosen for varieties that will grow in all zones.

Each Pack has a total of 20 varieties of NON-HYBRID seeds and comes in a 1-gallon bucket.

Heirloom Organics products are typically shipped 3-5 days after you place an order. Feel free to contact us at support@forgesurvivalsupply.com if you have any questions. We love Heirloom Organics and so do our customers!

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