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Hollon One-Hour Fireproof Data/Media Safe (HDS-500E)

Product Info
Manufacturer : Hollon Safe

Protect your most sensitive and valuable information with the Hollon HDS-500E One-Hour Fireproof Data/Media Safe. Hollen data safes are the perfect solution for protecting flash drives, CDs, diskette tapes or other technology while keeping them in secure storage.

  • KSG certified at 1700 degrees fire.
  • Maintains an internal temperature of 125° F for a full hour.
  • 30-foot-impact rated to survive a two-story fall should a structure collapse in a fire.
  • One-hour fire protection for media products (CDs, USB, external hard drives, etc.)
  • Fire rating: 1832°F outside, 125°F interior; (Temps above 125°F will ruin electronic data items.)
  • No center bolt-down hole
  • One (1) removable shelf
  • Electronic digital lock
  • Protects against sprinklers, water, and humidity

Exterior dimensions: 19.75“(H) x 13.75”(W) x 16.75”(D)
Interior dimensions: 11.25’’(H) x 5’’(W) x 7.25”(D)
Weight: 141 lbs.

Hollon Safe Warranty & Lifetime Fire Guarantee
Hollon Safe backs all our fireproof safes with a lifetime warranty against fire. We will gladly replace and Hollon Fireproof Safe that has been damaged in a fire with the same or a comparable model to include all freight costs to the original address of purchase. Customers will be required to supply all requested documents to an authorized Hollon Safe representative prior to replacement.

Limited Warranty
Hollon Safe warranties 90 days on any labor, excluding digital components, All safes purchased for a period of two years from date of purchase are warranted against manufacture defects. We provide an extended four year warranty on all replacement parts. Extended warranty excludes all digital components. Replacement of safe with the same or a comparable model during the extended four year warranty.

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