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Hollon Two-Hour Fireproof Office Safe (HS-1750E)

Product Info
Manufacturer : Hollon Safe
  • 2-hour fireproof
  • 30 foot Impact rated
  • 3-way locking chrome bolt work
  • Interior adjustable shelves in all models
  • Interior key locking drawers
  • Door détente device automatically locks safe
  • Recessed curvature provides virtually airtight construction preventing smoke damage and water damage.
  • Electronic Lock that is designed for up to 4 users with an audit trail to monitor.
  • Your choice of wheels or no wheels. Does not come with bolt down hole.
  • One Year Warranty

Exterior Dimensions: 63 1/2”(H) x 45 2/7”(W) x 25”(D)
Interior Dimensions: 56 8/9”(H) x 38 4/7”(W) x 18 1/9”(D)
Cubes: 23
1650 lbs.

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