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Heirloom Organics Homestead Seed Pack

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Manufacturer : Heirloom Organics
$239.99 $249.00

The Homestead Pack is the seed investors choice. It is designed for up to eight (8) people with one Acre+ growing space or for bulk seed storage, secure investment and bartering. This is the perfect seed pack for a family that wants to have a large garden this year and wants lots of extra seed for storage. Many families or groups buy two homestead packs to make sure they have many years of seeds supply or barter currency no matter what. With the volatility of today’s financial markets and food supply chain, there is no better investment you can make than in seeds, the future of food supply. The Homestead Pack and Farm Packs are investment-grade seed packs. For family use, gardening and storage try the Family Pack. For personal gardening and food security try the Seed Vault.

Seed Pack Contents:
The Homestead Pack contains varieties of high-nutrient vegetables, fruit, grains and legumes for up to 8 people with LOTs of seed left over for storage. All varieties are 100% non-hybrid, allowing you to save the seeds for future planting.

Due to ongoing seed shortages, seed varieties subject to change without notice. Replacements will be as close as possible and will be included in your order documentation. 

Homestead Seed List* Oz
Barley 8
Beans: Kentucky Wonder 4
Beans: Strike Bush 8
Beets: Early Wonder 0.625
Broccoli: Green Sprouting 0.33
Brussles Sprouts 0.33
Cabbage: Golden Acre 0.5
Cabbage: Red Acre 0.25
Carrots: Nantes 0.25
Collards: Vates 0.33
Corn: Hickory King 6
Cucumber: Marketeer 0.125
Kale: Blue Scotch 0.5
Lettuce: Bibb 0.625
Lettuce: Blk. Seeded Simp 2
Lettuce: Paris Island 0.75
Melon: Green Flesh 0.33
Mustard: Southern Giant 0.33
Oats 16
Onion: Yel. Sweet Spanish 0.0625
Peas: Alaska 8
Peas: Cal Black Eye 4
Pepper: California Wonder 0.125
Pumpkin: Small Sugar 0.5
Radish: Cherry Belle 1
Rye 8
Spinach: Nobel Giant 0.33
Squash: Green Hubbard 0.33
Squash: Grey Zucchini 0.33
Swiss Chard Fordhook 0.33
Tomato: Beefsteak 0.0625
Tomato: Roma 0.0625
Turnip: Purple Top 1
Watermelon: Sugar Baby 0.33
Wheat 16


Heirloom Organics products are typically shipped 3-5 days after you place an order. Feel free to contact us at support@forgesurvivalsupply.com if you have any questions. We love Heirloom Organics and so do our customers!

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