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Lindon Farms Freeze-Dried Breakfast Entree (120 Servings)

Product Info
Manufacturer : Lindon Farms
$159.00 $187.00

Wake up to Lindon Farms 120 Servings Breakfast Bucket! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why miss out on what your body needs most? Jump start your day and keep that needed drive and energy to get you through any situation. Lindon Farms has created the perfect opportunity to provide your long term food storage with morning nutrition. All of Lindon Farms products have a 25-year shelf life. Lindon Farms 120 Servings Breakfast Bucket contains six (6) different options to give you plenty of variety.

Specifications (all ingredients come in 20 serving increments)

  • Creamy Rice Pudding (2 pouches)
  • Apple Blueberry Granola (2 pouches)
  • Regular Granola (2 pouches)
  • Mixed Fruit (strawberries and bananas) (4 pouches)
  • Polenta (2 pouches)
  • Oats (2 pouches)

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