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Mainstay 1200 Calorie Emergency Food Bars (Case of 30)

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Manufacturer : Mainstay
$129.95 $135.95

1200 Calorie Emergency Food Pack. Key Benefits: 5 year Shelf Life, Non-Thirst Provoking. Withstands Temperatures of -40° F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) Ready to Eat: Each package contains 3 pre-measured 400 calorie meals. Individualized portions eliminate the messy breaking-up that occurs with other bars. Allows for on-land emergency consumption in a high-stress active situation. 

No nuts or fish products of any kind.

Contains no cholesterol or tropical oils. Meets the US Coast Guard standards (160.046/23/0). It's new modern packaging even meets the stringent guidelines set by the Department of Defense (SOLAS 74/83). Enriched with vitamins and minerals exceeding the RDA requirements. Pleasant lemon flavor which appeals to everyone. Our energy bars are Kosher and they meet the dictates for Halal.

For catastrophic events, Mainstay Emergency Food answers the need to feed many people for an extremely LOW cost per calorie. Ready to eat, nutritionally balanced and packed with vitamins and minerals. All Emergency Food Rations have a 5 year shelf life, so you can replace supplies before an event occurs.

Easy to Ration: 400-calorie portions take the guesswork out of eating! A case of 30 bars offers up to a 18 day food supply for one person during an emergency.

Durable: Able to withstand Temperatures of -40°F to 300°F. Be Prepared Everywhere
Small and lightweight packages make it easy to stash in a car or work emergency kit. 

Make Emergency Preparedness Convenient: With a 5 year shelf life means less worry about having supplies when you need it to help you through a difficulty.  If you are looking to pack simple but filling foods in your emergency kit, you've found an answer! Mainstay’s 1200 calorie food bars take up virtually no space in your 72-hour kit yet they contain enough calories to sustain one person for half a day.

You may be hesitant to try a meal in one food bar, but Mainstay’s bars have a delicious lemon/vanilla cookie flavor that your entire family would happily eat during an emergency. Your case of 30 will come with easy to ration 400-calorie non-thirst provoking portions so there is no guesswork involved—just quick stress free nourishment.

Preservation: Vacuum stabilized

Brand: Mainstay

Total servings: 90

Total calories: 36,000

Shelf life: 5 years

Food type: Full meal

Serving size: 1 Bar (2.67 oz)

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