MonoVault 110 - Dry Box Cache Tube / Storage Container (Black)

Product Description
Manufacturer : PolyFarm

Mono Vault 110. Compact and handy yet with much more room than the model 107. Only about 3 inches taller but about twice the usable volume. Holds 5-8 typical handguns such as 1911s with 4-5" barrels. Approximate Interior Dimensions: 9.75 in. diameter by 7.5 in. deep. Storeguns recommends the use of desiccant and VCI products!!

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Air-tight seal
  • Can be used for guns, boating, preparedness, emergency gear, documents, valuables, and just about anything else
  • Two Lids! inner gasketed lid and an outer 'Burial Shield' lid

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