MonoVault 236 Dry Box Cache Tube / Storage Container – Forge Survival Supply

MonoVault 236 Dry Box Cache Tube / Storage Container

Product Info
Manufacturer : PolyFarm

Large-mouth spin-on lid assembly with O-ring seal on a one-piece molded body. No joints at the bottom to leak and the lid itself is protected by the enclosing super stout Burial Shield!

Uses include:

  • gun storage 
  • gun burial 
  • preparedness supplies 
  • emergency caching (bug out location storage) 
  • gun transportation and travel 
  • boating 
  • burying money, coins 
  • hiding documents, valuables 
  • ammunition 
  • geo-caching

Made in the USA
Interior Dimensions: 12.25" diameter by 36.75" deep

Mono Vaults are constructed of polyethylene with a thick 1/4″ wall thickness. All MonoVaults are equipped with a threaded and gasket wide mouth lid to protect the contents from the elements. A Burial Shield (included) fits over the lid assembly to protect it from physical damage. In burial applications, the Burial Shield directs moisture away from the gasket lid, keeps the lid area clean, protects the lid from soils and foot traffic, and protects the lid from excavation damage in recovery.

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