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MonoVault 130 - Dry Box Cache Tube / Storage Container (Black)

Product Info
Manufacturer : PolyFarm

Fits folding stock firearms and AR type rifles with the uppers and lowers separated. Will hold up to four AR-15's without scopes or two with scopes. The Monovault 130 utilizes a one piece corrosion and waterproof polymer container with a gamma seal lid to protect against moisture. Large mouth spin on lid assembly with O-ring seal on a one piece molded body. No joints at the bottom to leak and the lid itself is protected by the enclosing super stout Burial Shield!

Uses include:

  • gun storage
  • gun burial
  • preparedness supplies
  • emergency caching
  • gun transportation and travel
  • boating
  • burying money, coins
  • hiding documents, valuables
  • ammunition
  • geo-caching

Note - you still need a barrier around firearms if you store underground. Example: ZRust Bags, Loksak Bags. We also sell complete burial systems that include all of the bags.

Approximate Interior Dimensions: 9.75″ diameter by 28.38″ deep

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