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MSR WhisperLite International Stove - Multi Fuel

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Manufacturer : MSR
$129.90 $139.95

WhisperLite International Stove is the perfect survival/prepper stove because it can run on white gas, kerosene and unleaded gasoline. The redesigned MSR WhisperLite International backpacking stove has the same fundamental design as its predecessor, only it's now 10% lighter for even greater portability.

Built tough for travel, the compact, multifuel MSR WhisperLite International stove allows you to use a variety of fuels available worldwide. New design features an aluminum mixer tube and stainless-steel legs that keep the weight down to 10.9 oz., 10% lighter than the original.  WhisperLite International Stove boils 1 liter of water in only 3 min. 30 sec. when using white gas and 4 min. 20 sec. when using kerosene. Shaker Jet technology makes cleaning as simple as shaking the stove

Includes: a fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit, instructions and storage sack.  MSR WhisperLite International backpacking stove requires an MSR fuel bottle for operation, sold separately (MSR Fuel bottles available in red or tactical). Don't let a worn out O-ring or a faulty fuel pump ruin your trip. The MSR WhisperLite™ service kit provides comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for your liquid-fuel stove and pump.  The Service Kit includes a jet and cable tool, multiple O-rings, a priming? wick, pump cup oil, safety pin, pump seal, air tube, fuel tube bushing, check valve plug, pump cup, Shaker needle, check valve ball, check valve spring, WhisperLite G jet, WhisperLite International G jet, WhisperLite International K jet, and jet cleaning wire. Also includes check valve assembly, a fuel tube and filter, and instructions for stove maintenance and repair.  Designed for the MSR WhisperLite Universal, WhisperLite International and the WhisperLite backpacking stoves

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