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Crovel Nax Digger All-In-One Survival Tool

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Manufacturer : Forge Survival Supply
$219.95 $229.95

NAX's Dynamic Qualities: The NAX Digger Crovel combines the 5 dynamic qualities of a kukri knife, machete, prybar, digger and hatchet in one single solid piece of precision forged steel and Made in the USA.

NAX's Design and Nax Develpment: The Nax Digger Crovel practical/tactical design came from suggestions from Special Forces Soldiers, Expert Preppers, and Survival Gear Aficionados. Their input was taken into consideration during the development of the NAX Digger Crovel in order to provide you with the most versatile cutting instrument available on the survival gear market.

The NAX's Componants:  The Nax Digger Crovel features a professional, ground edge and the NAX is comprised of the finest grade 4130 chromoly steel. The NAX is heat treated to above +48 HRC Rockwell Hardness to provide users with the sturdiest possible edged tool to wield when faced with the toughest of conditions and environments.

The NAX will never let you down in any extreme survival application that calls for the very best tool for cutting, chopping, and clearing. The ergonomically grooved forward grip enables users to exact fine cutting, slicing, and skinning maneuvers, while the 550 paracord wrapped handle provides a comfortable grip for heavy duty two-handed chopping, and every precision cutting application in between. 


NAX Digger Crovel Specifications:

  • 4130 chromoly steel
  • Heat treated to above + 48 HRC Rockwell Hardness
  • Full Tang
  • Axe Blade: 7.75” long
  • Tonto Tip: 1.5”
  • .25” Zero Ground Edge
  • Maximum Width at Belly 3.5” deep
  • 3/16” thickness
  • Handle: 1.5” width (welded hollow steel handle)
  • Handle Length Total: 15”
  • Butt to Tip: 24” long
  • 2.25 LBS
  • Handle offers 3-grip Options
  • goose neck prybar
  • 5.25 length digger (2.0 wide)
  • Made in the USA

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