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Scientific Freeze Dryer (Stainless Steel)

Product Info
Manufacturer : Harvest Right

Harvest Right’s lyophilizer/freeze dryer is remarkable. For the first time ever, a high quality laboratory (scientific) unit is available in a high capacity table top model.

Freeze dryer benefits:
  • Preserve 1,500 lbs of food per year
  • Food value is $10,000 per year compared to purchasing freeze dried food (the freeze dryer almost always pays for itself in 6 months of use) 
  • Far better than canning and dehydrating (freeze dried food lasts up to 25 years, keeps the nutrition, and tastes far better)
  • preserve left over meals
  • preserve food that may spoil...cut down on waste
  • preserve your garden
  • make back-packing meals
  • preserve fish and meat
  • freeze dry the food that is in your freezer and put it on the shelf
  • preserve food for any diet (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, allergies, etc.)

Key Features

  • Convenience of 4-tray dryer in a table top unit. Large capacity — capable of freeze drying as much as a gallon or two of material (6 to 10 lbs when wet).
  • Full-color, touch-screen display.
  • 4-liter ice condensing capacity.
  • Operation allows for recipe customization (up to 10 Thermal Treatment and 12 Drying steps).

Technical Specifications

  • Item:                                Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer
  • Style:                                Bench/Table Top
  • Holding Capacity:          4 Liters of Sublimated Ice
  • Min. Temp. Rating:        Collector Cools to -46 Degrees
  • Collector Material:        Stainless Steel
  • Drying Chamber:           Included (Stainless Steel)
  • Purge Valve:                   Included
  • Voltage:                           115
  • AMPS:                             <AC20
  • Dimensions:                   30″ high x 25″ deep x 20″ wide
  • Exterior:                          Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Electronics:                    Includes a Full Color Touch Screen (4.3″ diagonal)
  • Operation:                      Manual / Automated
    • Shelf Unit                         Has shelves for 4 trays
    • Shelf Heaters                   Heater temperature is user adjustable
    • Vacuum Pressure            Freeze dry cycles occur at user defined pressure


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