Survival Slingshot Archer Standard – Forge Survival Supply

Survival Slingshot Archer Standard

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Manufacturer : Survival Slingshot
$129.95 $139.95
The Survival Slingshot Standard Archer package includes the standard Survival Slingshot and a Whisker Biscuit for increased arrow accuracy. Two clear containers with ammo, fishing hooks, line, weights, matches, swivel, needle, thread and integrated compass.


  • 25-lb pull - Nearly 50% greater power than conventional plastic sling shot.
  • Shoot Standard Arrows - Archery split rings and bands are included in standard package. Optional advanced archery bracket allows for mounting standard archery arrow rests and whisker biscuits for even greater accuracy
  • Expandable - Rail system allows for endless customization using standard mount bases, attachments and scope rings. Bionic ear, Laser and Flashlight attachments for locating and targeting game
  • Water-tight chamber holds ammunition and survival items. Mix and match for different missions using watertight containers which are housed inside the tough aircraft aluminum handle. 
  • Securely holds over eight cubic inches of survival supplies.
  • Navigate with integrated compass housed in tough aluminum end cap
  • Durable aerospace grade aluminum alloy and steel construction, lifetime guarantee on non-wear parts
  • Optional - Bow Fishing attachments
  • Compact - Breaks down fully, including yoke to fit into a back pocket or bug out bag.

WARNING: 250+ Yard range. This is not a toy. Adult supervision is recommended for minors. Always wear eye protection. Ammunition may ricochet. Inspect bands before each shot for wear and brittleness. Replace damaged bands immediately.

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