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XMRE Blue Line Includes MRE Heater Bags (Case of 12)

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Manufacturer : XMRE
$120.95 $122.95

The XMRE Blue line was specially formulated for medical facilities, universities/schools, municipal entities, emergency preparedness agencies and private companies. No one should go hungry in any situation, that’s why we created the Blue Line. We partnered with medical professionals to create the best meal possible for any situation. Its dependable because it has to be.

Each complete XMRE XT Meal contains:

Variety of beef, chicken or vegetarian entrees

Bread Items:
Regular or vegetable crackers, snack bread, corn bread or flour tortillas.

MRE Bars, nut raisin mix, dry fruit mix, peanut butter, jelly/jam spreads, dairy shakes, instant pudding, wet packed fruit, muffin tops, MRE Cookies, pound cake or other portion controlled packs.

Single or assorted fruit flavored drink mixes, isotonic fruit flavored beverages, carb and maltodextrin enriched fruit flavored beverages, cocoa based instant beverages, cappuccino based instant beverages or others available.

Accessory Kit:
Includes spoon, napkin, salt and pepper and moist towelette.

Flameless Heater:
One MRE military type flameless meal/ration heater – individually packed inside each XMRE complete meal kit.( Optional component )

Waterproof Outer Bag:
Waterproof and tamper proof XMRE Blue Line outer bag

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